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Ms. Jacky Michels
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A tile of green

A tile of green

Three sustainably grown perennials in a beautiful gift tray with which up to three patio tiles can be easily replaced. The ideal push to swap gray for green. Available in six themes.

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A nice sustainably grown bulb package with 50 bulbs in gift packaging. Fits through the letterbox. Nice and accessible and good for biodiversity. This is how you give a box of pure happiness! In two themes (spring and autumn).


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We want to make green fun, easy and accessible'

We want to make green fun, easy and accessible'

At the end of April 2021, Green your Live started. This company responds to the social development of tile seesaws and provides low-threshold options for filling the vacant space with greenery.your life is an initiative of Kitty Schieck and Jacky Michels, former director of garden center chain Groenrijk. Schieck explains how the initiative came about: 'Consumers are a large target group that can make a significant contribution to making the living environment greener. There are many initiatives, but they do not always reach this target group as effectively. Not everyone has green fingers or feels involved in the climate problem. As Vergroen je Leven, we also want to reach those citizens by developing green products that make greening fun, easy and accessible.'

'Tile out, green in is in itself a low-threshold idea. But governments mainly emphasize the benefits of greenery for the climate, against heat stress and to increase biodiversity. With Green your Live we want to make additional clear how green can enrich the life of the green owner, that it is good for his happiness and health. That is why our products have the appearance of a gift. The recipients have two moments of pleasure: when unpacking and when they see the plants blossom and develop.'

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Green your Life is a social enterprise. Our mission is to literally bring greenery closer to people, indoors and outdoors, because living greenery makes everyone happier and healthier. And because we are increasingly urbanizing and petrifying in the world. We do this by making greening fun, easy and accessible through attractive packages. And by partly reserving our proceeds for social greeninginitiatives that would otherwise not get off the ground.